Thursday, May 17, 2012

Missed anniversary #3 and new book

Missed anniversary #3
Yes, another year and something has passed since I last wrote something. No, to my close to nonexistent readers, I am not dead. I am not going to excuse myself, I'm simply going to state that I haven't had the mood to write... nor was I ever angry enough. But, from time to time, it is nice to write your thoughts on... paper... so to speak, so I'm going to start with my latest read book. Without further mumblings here's:

Changing Places
by David Lodge

"Changing Places is a comic novel with serious undercurrents. It tells the story of the six-month academic exchange between fictional universities located in Rummidge (modelled on Birmingham in England) and Plotinus, in the state of Euphoria (modeled on Berkeley in California). The two academics taking part in the exchange are both aged 40, but appear at first to otherwise have little in common, mainly because of the differing academic systems of their native countries."

In a nutshell
I have only praise for this brilliantly written novel. The author uses 3 techniques that I am unable name, because I have no training in the literary arts ... so, I'm going to describe them. The first chapter is narrative at the 3rd person (this one was easy, all the classic novels have that sort of thing), the second changes to newspaper and printout extracts, without dulling the action, the third chapter is again narrative and the final is like a screen play. I've never seen anything quite like this book. I can name few authors which I've enjoyed reading more, and I can't even tell you why. Maybe it was because of the odd moral dilemma of the story... or the likable characters... or the interesting story, or simply the combination of all the factors that brought this book together. It excels in none, yet is capable of doing it all. There isn't much to say more about it without giving away spoilers... and for the love of Mike (whichever Mike you like) I cannot find a funny quote... so this is about it.

See you next time, hopefully in less than a year.