Monday, May 24, 2010

Schoolboy no more

Concert AC/DC live in Bucharest. 16 May 2010.

For a person who always has something to say, this is among the few times, I'm left speechless. Aside from the sound of the opening bands, the main performers that fateful night of 16 May 2010, was something one would like to put in his memory for the rest of his life. Those wonderful people, that have made the band and took it to where it is today, and what it represents, is awe inspiring.

They are old people, at the age when some of us decide it is time to put up our representative work tools, they manage to gather 60,000 people and have them screaming out of their lungs. This is something awe-inspiring in my view.

I'm glad i got to see them in their last tour.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Missed aniversary

Yea. It's been a year and something since I started writing this blog, and the annoyance levels in me have dropped dramatically. I thought I'd be able to at least post one post each month, but it seems I should have thought of that at the beginning.

Now my material is dry. I've either become accustomed to the ridiculous or the unfathomable that nothing seems to piss me off anymore. It's a strange feeling. Either that or I'm happy since a while and nothing seems to piss me off as much. Or, I'm simply lazy and fibbing. Things still piss me off as much as ever, though I don't seem to need to rant about them as much as I needed to. Probably because of all the new wonderful friends I made in the past year. Looking back on 2009, it wasn't that bad a year for me.

So there you have it my imaginary faithful readers. There's the reason my blog's in such a deplorable state of affairs. I'm a lazy bum.