Sunday, March 1, 2009

People are dangerous (II)

I said I was going to continue this article, but I am rather stumped for ideas really. I do not think that I can expand on what was already said so I will end it with a discussion on diplomacy.

You see, the problem with people is that they feel greatly about some very retarded things. I get passionate about religious talks, anime and computer games and for most of part, I can go into pretty much detail about those or some other given subjects to the point I bore my audience. Of course I will not like it when someone I do not know, will come around and say that my particularly favorite religious belief, anime or computer game sucks, but if that person is not a close friend, I will shrug it off and walk away. The thing is, not many people are able to do that (meaning walk away), and for the most part, both sides, the accusing sucker and the defending sucker, are to blame for this.

On the defender sucker's part it usually boils down to the misunderstanding of the meaning of life. What I mean by that is that the defending sucker, forgets that he is not defending his personal phylosophy of life in most cases, but a book, a movie, a political party or whatever. You do not need to throw bricks at people's heads until he dismisses your very existence as an inconvenience to the world around you. And even then, as long as you have friends you prove him wrong. So the defender sucker has the inability to not give a shit. But what of the accusing sucker?

Well, this is mostly the serious part of this article I wanted to write. I have recently joined a critique network where people submit manuscripts and different members from the comunity critique their work in order for them to improve their writing. I am not saying this to brag, I wanted to get to the fact that the leader of the site placed a great deal of effort on making sure that people know how to be diplomatic. With your own creations more than anything else, you will be prone to get upset if someone, instead of saying something constructive, he simply says something like "Yea, it sucked. Write it again. You have no talent." He said that if you don't have anything useful or nice to say, or the piece that you have to critique is that bad, simply move on to the next rather than destroy it with harsh language. Nobody was born smart.

Where I want to go with this is : "People could use a bit more diplomacy when critiquing other people's tastes" if they want to avoind having bricks thrown at their heads in the very worst or loosing all of their friends in the very least. Think a bit before you say anything, state that your personal preference is a fact and so on and so forth. It will save you a lot of headache in the future.

Then again, some of us might not want to be friends with certain groups of people, so diplomacy may be skipped in those moments. Do what you have to, but really try to be diplomatic, because nobody likes an asshole.