Friday, February 20, 2009

People are dangerous (I)

Yes my dear readers. People are dangerous. I fear this will be a long post with one or two which will come afterward. I try to keep my posts consistent, and will touch more than one point in this series of posts, because frankly my dear readers, this latest turn of events is by far, the thing that appalled me most in the last 3 years.

fanboy = "Fanboy is a term used to describe any individual who is devoted to a single subject in an emotional or fanatical manner, or to a single point of view within that subject, often to the point where it is considered an obsession."
critique = "to judge or discuss the merits and faults"
diplomacy = "skill in managing negotiations, handling people, etc., so that there is little or no ill will; tact"

So you know where I am coming from, I will provide a few links towards 2 youtube channels that have been the focus of my attention for the last day or so, and an article in last week's edition of The Escapist online magazine. The links are not suitable for work.

First of all I mention Hellsing920.
This guy has been ranting out there for a while about different things. I've went through all of his videos and found them entertaining at least as well as some other good things that may vary from person to person, which I will not mention. The videos in question are related to The Dark Knight movie (Entitled "Fanboy Chronicles - The Dark Knight part 1 and 2 ")

Second it is lillylivers.
This girl has also been out there for a while tossing messages with hellsing and others into the vast sea of bile, vomit and garbage that is the internet, and in particular, youtube. While I don't personally support the way she has argumented and concluded some of her rant and fanfucktardery videos ( ie "go die", "nobody likes you", "you will die alone", etc) the things that she actually points out are wrong with said communities are pretty much true. Also, the video about the Twilight series ( entitled "I think I have just trolled the twitards" ) is the thing that finally pushed me to write this.

The article is this:
It is an article on what fandom has brought to people and I must say that while reading only the article may give you an understanding on what I'm talking about, only following the links to the actual evidence that the author of the article brings forward, will you trully dip into the putrid swamps of fanboyism.

Brass Tacks
Those being said, let's start by differentiating fanboys and fandom. These two terms are extremely different. Because real fans, don't want to be mistaken with fanboys. Fans will say, "Hey, that movie is good, you should try it" whereas fanboys will say "THAT MOVIE IS GOD'S GIFT TO HUMANITY!!!!" and if you do not agree with them or, divinity forbid, challenge their belief with another movie and argument why it is better than said movie, you will find the discussion reduced at hitlerium, degrade into namecalling or degenerating into a fist fight, even when only women are concerned. I will elaborate on my last point later on.

Finally let us really start the discussion. If you read the links that Pat Miller provides in his article Crazy in Love, you will see some forum screen shots of people fantasizing about Sonic the hedgehog. Erotic fantasies of a furry. Now that in itself is something to behold and shock. I think that, if I was on the Sonic creator and maker team, and laid eyes on those boards... I would hang myself, only so I could twist in my grave. There is one person out there who claims to be Sonic's wife. And she doesn't stop there. "I would eat his vomit". If you look enough in the screen shots of the boards, and I think it is mentioned even in the main article, you will see that line. I will leave you, my dear readers, to formulate your own opinions on this phenomenon, I know I have, and to tell the truth, the sad thing is that people mistake these ... people... with actual fans. I say sure, if it makes you happy go right ahead, be batshit crazy. But when on the offshot that these people go outside and talk to a person and somehow Sonic comes up in the conversation, as is usually the case when someone is obsessive about something and they meet a new person, and in the chance that people say that they don't utterly adore the damn little hedgehog, you will see a pocket sized nuclear bomb go off. There will be screaming, shouting, name calling, cursing, slapping and even fist fights.

It is true, I have never seen such a thing in my life, however, I know where I live. And I know a group of people as fanatic in their beliefs, just as those people. I have probably mentioned manele before in my posts, if I haven't please leave a comment and I will expand on the subject there. I assume that any person saying that they do not particularly enjoy that type of music, or even dare to say that that type of music sucks, will get some sort of reaction close to the ones I have specified before. Again, I have not witnessed such a thing yet, however, I know the society I live in, and such a reaction, not only is in the realm of possibility, the probability of it happening are pretty high in normal circumstances. Because these people are comparable to US stree gangs. They don't know the meaning of "I'm minding my own business", and will often take any sort of opinion that diverges from their own as an assault.

There are 2 more concrete examples of these occurrences that I will elaborate, and they use the videos I named at the begining of the article.

First is Hellsing's rant and research that critics of The Dark Knight movie (the latest batman movie out there) which said that it was not that good, received threats to themselves, their lives, their families... for doing their job of criticizing a movie. Hellsing himself, if memory serves, had received from hate messages from viewers demanding that he review The Dark Knight. One of them out there actually bought him a copy after a video stating reasons as to why the review of it is 2 months late or something. I didn't remember the details, they were irrelevant.

The second is lillylivers' more shocking video concerning the Twilight series fanboys (remember, the definition is individual, and individual is gender lacking). Short video even shorter, she has had her arm broken, been slapped, her eye-ball gashed with a fake nail and a brick thrown at her head when exiting a book store, because she answered "No" when asked "Isn't Twilight the greatest series ever". Or that is what I understood from the videos. Now excuse my French but what the fuck is going on here? I know I have said that people don't read enough nowadays in a former post, but god fucking damn. These are not the middle ages and she didn't say she didn't like the bible for the love of Mike. If reading will get people to act like this, then stop the presses. Fuck reading. Let them fucking watch Survivor and Big Brother. Take the books away.

I will even be considerate of those more skeptical of you towards things found on youtube, and I will say, for the sake of argument, that lilly may or may not say the whole truth, or fabricating any of those events. My dear readers, if ANY of those events are true, it means that it probably happened again somewhere else. Maybe not the same event, maybe not as dramatic or even more dramatic, maybe even not related to the same bloody book, but it happened and will happen again. When a person cuts his own penis with a kitchen knife and fead it to his dogs (I shit you not, this was on the news a few years back), I can guarantee 100% that at least another man out there lost his penis by his own will and fed it to his dog, since the dawn of time, till now. Maybe it wasn't with a kitchen knife, maybe it wasn't actually fed to his dog but to a cat, a pet parrot, maybe it was cut by a farming tool, but it happened. Because people are good at hurting themselves and others in the most imaginative ways possible. If you don't believe me, look up the Spanish inquisition.

Will be continued
I will stop here for now, for it is already a long post and I have more material especially targeted to all the amateur (and I'm not using the word with a derogatory meaning) critics out there, as well as some other stuff related to how fans of different things might be able to tolerate each other a bit more.

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