Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gays revisited

A while back... not that long, I have spoken about gays, and with some recent developments I am thrown to this topic yet again. Only this time I have disdain for both sides.

Let me start at the beginning. In a city called Cluj, in the immediate future, there will be a lesbian parade if I understood well. Now, of course this sparked the disapproval of the conservatives and certain religious groups, however one politician which I shall not name (cause I cannot remember his name, but I do remember his party) caught my eye. Said politician is a member of the Democrat Liberal party, and with such I was really surprised to see him against a parade, while saying that goes against the family values. Now, please excuse my French but what the fuck? I thought that line was used by conservatives and religious fanatics... Weren't liberals a little more forgiving? He said he does not have a problem with gays being gay, but has a problem with gays being so public about it, which made me think a bit.

Why do gays have parades? Now comes my disdain towards the gay community (again I will enforce that I have nothing against gays and I support them getting recognition, rights and so on and so forth). Blacks don't have parades, Asians don't have parades, nor any other kind of minority which was oppressed and abused once in the past and gained rights. They have been recognized more or less willingly by most of the EU and wheels of politics are in motion, working for them to obtain rights. In the past, these parades were used to remind the world that they are here, and they are not that few to be called mad or the exception from the rule. But with their recognition and the aforementioned politics in motion, what more are these parades going to accomplish? I say that democracy is the liberty to do as you please in the pursuit of personal happyness while not impeading other people's pursuit of personal happyness. While I do call the said politician a hoppocrit, I also call upon the gay community to be a bit more... should I say more... delicate to other people's sexual preference. It is somewhat extraordinary as how some recognised minorities themselves turn to racism or sexism or discrimination, and I find the turn of events as disgusting as I find them amusing.

There are no straight parades out there my dear gays. So why do you still, after all that's being done, still consider it necessary to do so? What I'm trying to say, is that the most you will accomplish by doing so, is to anger those who want to stand against you, without any sort of gain. So what is the point?

My dear and few readers, I may be ignorant of some things, I admit. My thumb is not as much on the pulse of the world as I claim to have it, but I call things as I see them. And I see excess on both sides. Am I asking too much when I ask for moderation?


  1. First of all I'd like to commend you on the structure of your post, it's getting much better, and your writing on the issues is too becoming very coherent :)

    I gotta ask though, have you ever been to a gay pride parade? Wanna come to the next one in Bucharest? You should see what a temperate event it is before you criticize it as something that has want of moderation :)

    As for why it exists, what it has accomplished, and how other minorities who've fought for rights used similar tactics, I approached ya via the tubes of yahoo :)

  2. *My primitive opinion : be faggot but pray to god i don't find out, any faggot taking pride in these parades oughta be ...

    Uh uh , it's time for that portugese chick to
    step in and try to make a hippiemotherfucking lousy comment about human rights , loving gays , and building a happy world.

  3. Ender, I will warn you that the next such comment on either of my posts will face deletion. Not for little swearing or whatever, but for the lack of arguments. I encourage my readers to think, and while I appreciate your time to read and write a comment, I will not tolerate such comments with the structure and content of a flame war. I have read your comment 4 times and I still can't find any argument to support your opinion. Even the "Portuguese chick" held more arguments in her response to you than both your posts combined.

    So before you post think a bit about what you're about to say and how it would affect the discussion. If it will bring nothing other than flame wars, abstain.

  4. Done writing a reply that was supposed to be posted since like 2 weeks ago , when you wrote "Gays" .

  5. Hence comes the Portuguese chick, also known as Me! lol :) at least Ender is coherent, he treats both (gays and women) the same: as trash! Im a woman little boy, not a chick.
    Anyway Adi, Alex is right, your writing is very good but then again it has to be since you're a smart guy. I have been to gay parades here in Portugal and also to gay bars with awesome drag shows, and it was amongst the best, most fun things ive done :) And Adi, even tho i luv u my friend, I cant agree with this : "There are no straight parades out there my dear gays" .. Why would straight people make parades? There's no such thing as "Straight bashing" for example; and even if sometimes it comes across as an exageration, I think it's more than understandable... no minority ever made themselves be heard by being coy and quiet.
    Just my 2 cents.

  6. I don't expect my friends to agree with me on everything. I am not all-knowing, and I might be wrong. My friends are here to tell me when I'm wrong. I will analise and dissect the arguments and if they please me I will refit my view. If not, I will state my point and why they are wrong till one of us finally convinces the other of what would be the good way.

    Back to the topic at hand though, I agree, there is no such thing as straight bashing, however, there is such a thing as consideration. As I stated in my first post on the matter, there are political moves towards giving gays more rights, hence, they are recognized. However, they are just as inconsiderate to straights as straights are to them when doing these sort of parades. I have no qualms with gay bars. That's a sort of private place and you know where you're going. Maybe they should find a more considerate way of protesting, or being heard as you say.

  7. I still dont agree Adi. And Blacks do have Parades, or at least they did, the Civil Right Movement, they had marches all over the U.S. for example, that's how they got themselves heard, every minority at some point went to some extreme to have a voice (e.g. Rosa Parks riding the bus on the "White Only" section, etc). Parades, Marches, Public displays to make people aware of their needs and problems are part of democracy and freedom of speech. More than one Article in the Declaration of Human Rights states such rights for everyone:

    Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    Article 20: Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

    And the last article, nr 30 states that these rights are for everyone, no group is ever specified and the contents of each article are not open to interpretation.

    Just make a search and you'll see the amount of public manifestations that have been made over the years, even those Right Wing Extremists make them, and although I would love nothing more than to drop a bomb on their racist asses, its their right to do so, as long as public order is not disturbed.