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Well, hello again. It's a late hour again and I'm all fueled up for a new rant. Well... not really but can't think of anything else to do, and this was the remaining on my short list. So here we go.

Definitions ~
A political stance characterized by the belief that abortions constitute murder. Currently, America has legal abortions available to those who want and can afford them. Persons of the pro-life platform wish for abortion to be illegal.

A political view that believes that abortion should continue to be legal and accessible. Pro-choice is not necessarily pro-abortion, but merely being in support of a woman's having the option available. People who follow this view would not necessarily opt for abortion themselves, but do not wish to deny others the option.
Pro-choice is not an antithesis to pro-life; while the pro-life view would force women to give birth, pro-choice would not force them to abort.

Main body
Considering my last post, there was a part that I omitted considering it would have doubled the length of the post and, even then it would not let me express my thoughts completely on this matter. The resolution which invites member states to standardize the laws concerning "gay" marriages also invites member states to standardize the laws concerning abortion (the greatest impact of this would be felt in the states where abortion is illegal).

So this rant tonight is directed at those people who call themselves pro-life (the second group of people protesting this resolution, the first one being pro-family, which I tackled last night). So, what exactly is pro-life. As the definition states, pro-life is an ideology which states that abortion is murder. Let's get to the bottom of that bean basket and ask the question. Why? It's a bunch of cells. How is removing a bunch of cells murder?

Let me refresh your memory with a hit from a dictionary.
murder (noun) = The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

So you define murder by killing a human. How can you call a human something which lacks the basic thing that a human has, which is self-awareness. It's like killing bacteria at that point. That is why it is illegal to abort after 3 months (I believe was the legal limit). Because at that point, it is not a bunch of cells any more. If you're interested in the medical stuff go right ahead and use google.

So, who exactly is pro-life? Well, let's get started by simply stating that you will find most people of said political movement, to be also deeply religious people. The "We consider it to be murder" is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to mask their "Only God has the right to take a human life". If they are not deeply religious, they will usually argue, "But what if that child will have the cure for cancer?". Well... we don't know do we... but what are the chances of that? If we go further down this path we will get in one of those useless moralist debates, "Are x number of lives destroyed justifiable order to save y number of lives?". I don't want to get into that. If you don't know how we could get to one of those comment and I'll explain in length. Also, you will do well to consider that a pro-life person will never ever be a single trailer-park mother with 9 children, of which I name "pizza-delivery-boy jr", "garbage-man jr", "cable-guy jr", "drunken-night jr", living off of the children's allowance. You will see these self righteous snobs coming from small middle-class families or higher, maybe one or two children and old parents. Why? Because it is so much easier to dictate how other people should live their lives as long as it does not influence them in any way. Sure, there are exceptions, but they are so few and far between, you might as well write them off as errors.

Another group of people who are pro-life, are politicians. But we all know most of these bastards would sell their own mothers to get votes, so you can see why I'm not going to go out of my way to detail their motives.

I wanted to say a bit more about why not to be pro-life, but then I remembered why I wanted to write this article in the first place. You could call it, my tribute to a great man who died way too early. So I will let his words bring the essence of my argument.

"We're pro-life." What does that make me? If you're so pro life, do me a fucking favor. Don't block med-clinics. Okay? Lock arms and block cemeteries. Let's see how fucking commited you are to this premise. "She can't come in". "She was 96, she was hit by a bus." "There's options." "What, are we going to have her stuffed? What are you talking about? She's dead." "We're pro-life, get her out of that casket, get her out. She's not going. We're pro-life people. There will be no more death on this planet." ... Here's my actual theory. Here's my real theory. If you're so pro-life and so pro-child then adopt one that's already here, that's very unwanted and very alone, and needs someone to take care of it, in order to get it out of a horrible situation. People say "Why don't you do that?". And I say, cause I hate fucking kids and couldn't care less. I couldn't give a fuck. I don't care at all about abortion. It's your choice. Case closed. The end. Bottom line. And by the way, a 3 month year old kid in your belly is not a fucking human being. Okay? It's just a bunch of congregated cells. You're not a human being, until you're in my phone-book. ~Bill Hicks.

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