Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Prologue has two parts tonight.
Part 1. Definition. In this blog post I will use the term gay in lieu of homosexual. It's shorter.
Part 2. Personal opinion. I have nothing against gays. As long as they respect my freedom to be straight and marry a person of the opposite sex, I respect their freedom to be gay and marry a person of the same sex. I don't care about children, but despite that, I am a firm believer that good parenting and not the parent's sex is responsible for bringing up a child.

Main topic.
Well, a few days ago (don't know exactly when) the EU (European Union), suggested that Romania legalities or, should I say, recognizes same sex marriages. This caused some major protests from different organizations such as the Romanian Orthodox Church (duh), AFR (Alianta Familiilor din Romania – in English “Families Alliance of Romania”) and some more conservative politicians. AFR, went so far as to write an open letter to the European Parliament.

The leader of aforementione organization Petre Costea said “Prin aceasta actiune ne exprimam profunda ingrijorare fata de incercarile Consiliului Europei de a aproba o rezolutie cu privire la recunoasterea casatoriei intre persoane de acelasi sex in toate cele 47 de state membre ale Consiliului Europei” ( in English - „With this action we hope to express our deepest concern towards the attempts of the European Council to validate a resolution concerning the recognition of same sex marriages within all the 47 member states of the European Council”). The same man also states “Credem ca APCE isi depaseste atributiile si stabileste un precedent periculos, alarmant si ingrijorator. Familia si casatoria trebuie protejate, intrucat sunt institutii concepute a asigura supravietuirea societatii si perpetuarea speciei umane prin procreere si prin cresterea si educarea copiilor. Relatiile homosexuale, uniunile civile sau casatoriile homosexuale nu indeplinesc nici una din aceste nevoi si prin natura lor sunt incapabile a satisface aceste obiective” (in English – We believe that APCE { read European Parliament Council Gathering – not really sure of this thing... if you're really interested in this check it out and let me know} is overstepping its attributes and by doing so, it creates a dangerous, alarming and worrying precedent. Marriage and family need to be protected, as they are institutions conceived for the survival of society and the perpetuation of the human race through breeding and raising and educating children. Homosexual relationships, civil unions or homosexual marriages do not fulfill any of these necessities and through their very nature are incapable of satisfying these objectives.”) ~Quotations taken from http://tinyurl.com/7n925a (don't worry it's not a virus).

Now onto the discussion. Gay marriages have always been a touchy subject in many countries. But the guy's attitude towards this subject I am sure is shared by many. So I will demolish his speech one argument at a time.

Well, first of all, the APCE is saying it will “recommend” that we recognize same sex marriages. The law will have to pass through the normal channels in order to be promulgated. So no worries there. Why write to the EU when you have other retarded politicians here who share your views.

Secondly, family and marriage are not necessary for the perpetuation of the human species. I will take the most obvious counter example to the man's statement. Animals. They don't have neither families nor marriages in the human sense of the thing. Penguins are the only ones to my knowledge that pick a partner and mate for life. Aside from those, the right to reproduce when the reproductive season starts, comes to the strongest. They fight till they can't fight no more for that basic right and through that they assure that only the strongest genes pass on. I'm by no means an master race believer, but surely, you can see where his argument fails. If human species perpetuation is your flaming problem, then surely you would have to be against marriages in genera, because it limits the available genes.

Third. Same sex marriages cannot cater to the raising and education of children. WHAT? Well... god damn it, I didn't notice that the world was a perfect place until gays came along and raised bad children. That was the problem. Now we can tell them they can't marry and raise children and all our problems will be over. The sex of the parents that raised the child has no bearing on what the child will evolve into unless other ignorant parents educate their kids that being gay will get you into hell. That is the only thing that gay couple children need to fear. Bullying at school, in the early stages of life. After that, people would mature.

So you see, I am for the UE resolution that all countries legalize same sex marriages. Hell, I am for legalizing same sex marriages. I am against using religion as a reason to stop some people from pursuing their own happiness as long as it does not interfere with other people's pursuit of happiness. And furthermore Mr Politician, this is not the first time this has been discussed. The same sex marriages topic has been discussed in more advanced cultures than our own. Look at those discussions and if you think you can bring something that they missed (which I heavily doubt considering you spend most of your time in parliament mostly napping, reading a newspaper or playing solitare on your laptop) by all means. Romanian society needs to grow up. And it's not the only one.

On the funny side of things, here's a new perspective for all you men out there. This could be transposed to women in some cases.

I told him, "We're all gay, man. It's just to what extent are you gay." He says, "That's bullshit, man, I ain't gay at all!" I said, "Yes, you are and I'll prove it." He says, "Fine, prove it." I said to him, "All right- do you like porn?" He says, "Yeah, I love porn, you know that." I said, "Do you only watch two women doing it?" He said, "Naw, I'll watch a man and a woman make love." I said, "OK, do you want the guy to have a tiny, half-flaccid penis?" He said, "Naw, man, I like big, hard, throbbing co- (stunned pause) I did not know that about myself." ~Ron White, You can't fix stupid


  1. Perpetuation of species? We're too many as it is! And even more come in this world in the poorer areas where their future is doomed anyhow.
    Aside from that, the society nowdays praises itself on the freedom of speech and of action, so why so suddenly become strict when someone expresses something you don't like? Ain't that hypocrisy?

  2. I am indeed so proud to be able to call you my friend! Well said hippie :) :*

  3. This isn't greece anymore. nature does not promote gayness. the natural way of things is opposite sex copulation , fags should be executed in front of the crowds (something like (panis et circus). This new age view is so wrong , you are forced to ACCEPT and tolerate something against the human nature.wrong.

  4. I am not forced to accept anything. I accept them because I want to. They don't hurt me and it makes them happy. So why be against it? There have been studies that show that sexuality is not so much of a choice as it is your personal nature. I don't really care for those studies. Truth be told, it's mine, yours or anyone's choice what they, pardon the expression "put in their ass". All other points like being unable to raise good children is totally moot as I said in my original post.

    There are some that consider, same sex marriages drop the value of the institution. In my opinion, adultery and divorce drop the value of the "marriage". Not that I am against either of those two rights, but it proves the hypocrisy of their arguments. I am unsure of the adultery and divorce percentage (note that I say percentage, not number, considering there are more straight couples than gay couples) in the gay communities, but if it is how I assume (and that is less than in the straight community) then actually the gay community marriage has actually more value than a straight marriage.

    And finally, you should consider something. Humans have been born with the wonderful ability to think, and thus we can define human nature as we want it to be. I choose acceptance over intolerance. Intolerance to things like this is close to intolerance to religion. And we all know how many wars that started.

  5. Im all about tolerance really, although I must say some things are just beyhond my grasp and I find myself being INTOLERANT of ppl that in the 21st century still make comments like End3r. He's free to have his opinion (sadly) but Ronwe, you shouldnt talk in such a general sense and say things like "...you should consider something. Humans have been born with the wonderful ability to think...", because clearly End3r missed out on some of that wonderful power.
    I'm sorry , better yet, no Im not sorry, even if he finds this to be offensive, but if ppl like him had his way Barack Obama and his family would still be planting cotton feels and calling "master" to their owner. Excuse my French, but fuck that! Freedom and tolerance are two of the most wonderful characteristics a person can have, and right now im failing at one cause i DO NOT tolerate biggets and prejudice creeps like this End3r who uses the words "fag" ( i bet he says "nigger" too") and talks about executions like a punch line to his brainless arguments... Better a marriage of 2 people of the same sex who are able to make it work, than a "regular" marriage with no respect, with a wife and kids being beaten everyday... And no one is being forced to Accept anything, and this isn't a "new wave". Difference is people are more educated (in some cases at least) today and have a hold of more information and can make up his mind based on facts, and gay people (who have been around since the dawn of time), from Marcus Antonius to Hudson Rock and Elton John, feel now a bit more confortable exposing themselves without being so afraid to be bashed on the street by pricks like you...
    Sry hippie to "Rant" on your page as well, but some things are just too much to take. ~
    And btw End3r, im a girl, the weaker sex like i bet you call us... get a life, better yet, get informed and maybe you'll stop being a close minded redneck.

  6. Oh wait... ~Ron White: "You can't fix stupid"
    my bad :x

  7. It's fascinating dear laury the way of your C.N.S. Let me start with the last thing you said in that worthless effort of yours, where you're trying to express ..umm whatever it is that you're trying to. I cannot help noticing that you have permonitory sense regarding my thoughts. 1st of all I did not even mention you as being the weaker sex.You could just be frustrated about that , you know , too many people calling you weak , society considering you being weak , it's almost being inoculated inside you and you become frustrated. Beyond that let me make a few memos regarding your affiliation to this hippie idealistic way of thinking. This tolerance that you're striving to make a part of you is really way beyond your femaleish grasp. It's an impossible thing to accomplish dear padawan. "Im all about tolerance really" you said but you actually ain't givin' me none , on the contrary you're acting like a crazed frustrated berserker . (Just like christianity , which promotes tolerance between people ... yet itself is only tolerant to christians) , so who's the hypocrit ? Me promoting my ideas (i did not have enough time to back them up like you did so i just wrote them down) or you who replied like above. Movin' on to the Obama niggerish person. Are you aware dear young portuguese female that in london (it's just one of MANY examples) 90% of the criminality exists because of niggers ? (The riots in France weren't enough to convince you,I see)
    Are you even aware that the scientific community (who stopped presenting they studies and conclusions to the vast majority of idio.. people) has a well documented treaty which cleary states that "The negroid race is unable to reach higher states of thinking but often excels at physical activities(or singing). I often see a lot of nigger players in sports , whoa!? I also notice a vast amount of nigger singers who are succesful... I still cannot find enough nigger phylosophers or great inventors or scientist , and PUH-LEEZE don't give me that "they've been oprimated , so they couldn't have accomplished that".They did it in sports and music , why not in science and phylosophy ? Moving on to the main point, FAGGOTS and ASSFUCKIN'. You might like to think of your self like a 21-st century woman , and you also might like to think that you have gone a long way in the human evolution,like all of us. Well let me news-flash you , YOU'RE NOT. You're still a slave to your instincts and your human impulses no matter what you might try to prove. Gayness is a mental disorder , if you're not convinced please do not read beyond this point(if you even reached it and did not collapse under your own ...nvmnd). Gaze around you , nature is not moral neither immoral , it's neither good or evil , it's beyond that (a footbaler called nietzsche said that one day , you can search him on google to expand your hippie horizons), on the other side the humans have this morality that is being debated for over 1000 years. I shall not try to prove a general truth abouy bitchy-men who polish their nails and act like barbie dolls (you could also be the one who starts crying when her nail broke , would you think that's ok ? I assure you it's not , it's even WORSE when a faggot does that.) Second I am shocked , the support narrow pp like you show them has materialised in GAY MARCHES and the free expresion of gayness.Your mind is probably so overbeefed with the handicaped ideology of democracy and tolerance that you might think IT'S OK. Check out america , look where tolerance and democracy led them , ow , don't tell me you actually appreciate them (what was I thinking , of course you do , you hafta appreciate the main promoters of gayness). So , should i be tolerant with the nigger , faggot etc right next to me who attacks and tries to modify my morality/ideology , sadly i choose not. My no-brain body chooses no to. I could start writing tons of facts about young mental virgins who think the world could be a better place ( like that pedophiliac mjackson) where peace could flourish and people could thrive upon their culture and accomplishments, but honey let me point nature again. The key word for you is natural selection. I probably went too far with this vast subject so let me get back on the tracks. Gayness is a mental disorder , against the human nature. If you practice buttfucka and you enjoy it , congrats , you could be an even more active supporter. They won't hurt you now as you tolerate them , because they lack the power to, and I can give you examples of a friend who tried to buttfucka(actually rape) another friend of his while they were on drugs. BTW won't gay-tolerance eventually lead to pedophil@#*^wtv tolerance ? (Holland tries to legalise adultery and pedophilia , or did your sharp perception of the world missed that ?) I
    "Difference is people are more educated (in some cases at least) today and have a hold of more information and can make up his mind based on facts, and gay people (who have been around since the dawn of time), from Marcus Antonius to Hudson Rock and Elton John, feel now a bit more confortable exposing themselves without being so afraid to be bashed on the street by pricks like you..." Let me assure you young grasshoper they are NOT more educated , in fact it's quite the opposite. I already mentioned "this is not greece(or rome) anymore" regarding the gay-praxis in antiquity (i know you missed that) so mentioning Marcus was an extra-nothing.So let me try to end this "peacefully" like you do. I still appreciate Ron and the manner he writes in, and I'll still read the stuff he'll post. As for you please show me your higher woman intellect and do NOT reply to this post unless you show me a printscreen with an IQ test you took , scoring over 80. Thankso

  8. @ End3r: umm... one small comment concerning people of African descent: yeah, they seem better at sports and singing, i.e. in areas in which qualities are more OBVIOUS. In the corporate world, or in academia, it takes a bit more to demonstrate that you are good, because everything is much more open to interpretation... a minority can therefore be more easily excluded from getting higher on the hierarchy. While football, for example, deals with points and scoreboards which are difficult to deny, the accomplishments of a student, scientist, philosopher are much easier to dismiss as invaluable. And even so, check out the vast array of African-American writers if you think black people are inferior when it comes to intellectual areas. If you want a concrete example, check out Toni Morrison's Nobel prize for one of her novels ;)