Thursday, January 29, 2009


"Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds." ~Socrates

I start this post as my own personal cry to the wide world that fame has become something awful. My opening statement, the quotation from Socrates, showed the true and pure meaning of fame. However, it is my belief that if he saw what fame is today, he would change that quote immediately. I am not saying that his quote should be wrong. I'm saying that what fame is in these times, is a sad, molested, and diseased image of its former self.

In the ancient times in order to become famous throughout the country, you needed to be a great leader of men, a great politician, a sculptor, a writer... anything which gave birth to the enrichment of human culture and society. (politicians are exempt from that class, considering they were sharks before lawyers).

The reason I am writing this is rather simple really. I know way fewer positive examples of fame than negative examples of fame, and with the latter, I will say why exactly today's fame has become the bastard child of stupid and yesterday's fame.

So I will go first with a Romanian abomination. This woman goes by the name of Magda Ciumac. Her story... which I stress is not even hers ...begins with the famous unsolved disappearance case of Elodia ( a woman who i won't go into many details. I will only state that this case held front page of the newspapers for half a year ). So Magda decides a few days before the divorce with her husband (a k1 fighter aka monkey) to say that he admitted to her to have "arranged" (read, kill) Elodia. So... obviously she was invited to talk shows and gathered some fame on that thing alone. Now this person walks around being called "famous" but there are a few undeniable facts about her. She's stupid... there's no doubt about that... she's ugly... you need only look at her... and she can't do anything.

So why exactly is she famous? Because she profited on the desire of the public for stupid behavior. It doesn't matter that she spews out stupid without even talking, as long as she attacks someone or does something to entertain the masses and have something to talk about. It is really sad that people like this get recognition and National Mathematics Olympics get like 200 Euros if even that and no sort of recognition whatsoever. Really now, has society degenerated so much that we do not appreciate people with talent? Or are there really so few talented people out there that we need people like this to keep our headlines every day? Are there no other things happening in the world aside from this idiot's doings?

Anyway, the next is a British person much like Magda. Kinga Karolczak.
"Well Kinga... she's famous because in front of 56 cameras on national television, she shoved a wine bottle up her vagina. What do her parents think? When the neighbors came around the next day and say:
' Saw your Kinga on the telly the other nigh.'
' Oh yea? What was she up to? '
' She was up to the fucking label '" ~Ricky Gervais, Fame Live in London 2006

I think that quote says most of what I wanted to prove with her example. There are many others such as this. I think Paris Hilton already a given... Britney Spears is also one of them since she stopped actually singing... she did that well for a while (not in my opinion but still the vast amounts of wealth means that at least some people thought she was doing alright) and many many more.

I wish it would be like Horace Greeley said "Fame usually comes to those who are thinking of something else."

Fame has become a target. Fame is not something that needs to be gained with "heroic deeds". It's something to be gained by being stupid. It's hell of a lot easier. Who needs the splitting of the atom when I can shove a wine bottle up my vagina... figuratively speaking. And the ones responsible for this... the ones that are encouraging people to become famous by being stupid, is you... the public. And me for writing in this post about them. I wonder if ever, we as consumers will wisen up and demand quality out of our news. Will we ever rise up to these bastards that feed us all this crap, bile and garbage they call news or celebrities and in the end espect us to pay for this kind of products. Will we ever be unsatisfied with mediocrity, banality, conformity and sub par standards. Are we as the human race, that bent of cultural self mutilation?

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