Saturday, January 17, 2009

As a start

So, I finally gave in and decided to make a blog. I used to think that only people who have something valuable and life changing to say should create blogs, but then again, if that was true, then the world is filled with enlightenment just clawing, biting, kicking and screaming to get out. Or we can pick what is behind door number two and say that anyone with the help of sites like this can create a blog and fill our google responses with a lot of crap by mentioning things that might end up in our queries.

It's funny really. They say that you can find information about anything on the internet, but the truth is, a great portion of it is useless. And the rest is porn. Actually, there was a study a few years back that said the majority (but not by much) of internet traffic, is generated by porn. Isn't that just a little bit disturbing? Don't take me wrong, I have nothing against porn, it's just... couldn't that effort be diverged to other more... I don't know... useful things? Like cancer research, aids research (that would actually help the porn industry, but still) or some other worthy causes. I will leave the topic of internet porn for another time and will jump towards something else, still linked to the internet and probably even more annoying than porn spam.

People fighting on the internet. You see these pathetic wastes of life everywhere, gaming boards, school boards, school yahoo groups, IRC channels, blogs and just about every place that a person can say their thoughts, you will find them. They're worse than cockroaches. What are they trying to prove? Surely, the right of free speech where it is given is important, but from free speech to actively arguing without bringing more pertinent evidence to the discussion, other than "you are a moron" ( /sarcasm) is a bit uneducated in the very least. And, these are not even those sort of pertinent arguments or should I call them debates. They are not debating whatever basic human right was breached in "I-don't-know-what-country" or how to split the atom, or how to write a piece of code. They are arguing over "immaturity of people on the internet", "forum/IRC etiquette" or some such rubbish. There used to be a time when forums were a place you could go to in order to ask a good question, and get an answer which would help you. Not something like "LOL you dumb shit". In hindsight, I wish people would spell that well. Now please, enlighten me whomever you are that is reading this. Is the opinion of someone they never met and probably never will, so important, that they need to sacrifice a piece of their lives in order to fight for the salvation of that someone who decided to have another opinion?

I will leave you with a thought for the next time you want to force your opinion on someone else. "Arguing over the internet is like running in the special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."


  1. Welcome, young blogger, to the Blogosphere!

    You're right, the WWW is full on useless information, people arguing about nothing, sick stuff - such as infantile porn...but, it still is, a great source of information. You can also find usefull stuff, you just have to know the great art of...googleing. ;)

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Let me congratulate you on the matter of starting your blog.May it bring about lots of intriguing thoughts, interesting opinions and mind-boggling questions,and lack in responses mentioned in the upper paragraphs and the dullness of a typical 'what-i-did-today'-blog.As regarding your question, I wouldn't put is as 'salvation', hence it is (most of the times) a mere instinctual need of demonstrating one's superiority.But i do pity the poor soul of he who has nothing better to do than to write back an idiotic comment similar to the ones you'd find on the door of your highschool's toilet. I believe that one's opinion can be contested, and it is in our free will to do so,but from this to mockery and insisting on not accepting the existence of another judgement lies a road as long as human stupidity can go.

  3. hmmm de ce te-ai apucat sa scrii in engleza? e prea saraca romana?

  4. Bravo! I shall be watching you too, my friend.

  5. Nice post. I agree with everything you said. I've never commented on...say... a youtube post for the reasons you imply... I mean... who cares if I think a certain song is awesome? It is just useful information. At the same time, I do believe that one of people's instinctive qualities/flaws is to speak out when something is to their liking or the exact opposite. Your blog in itself is proof of that :)
    I particularly agree with your idea of constructive criticism rather than rude attack.
    Si nu, romana nu este deloc saraca, dimpotriva. Problema este ca limba internetului (si a multor altor chestii) este engleza. We're maintainig the lingo here...:)